24 before 24

So I have this thing where I love to make bucket lists for pretty much every occasion in my life. Checking things off just makes me feel oh so accomplished. And since I turned 23 this year of course I had to make a 24 before 24 list. #howannoying

The best part about this list is that while some items are big and some are small, each challenge is doable. As cool as it sounds, bungee jumping head first off the world’s highest bridge is not a realistic goal because Cory and I get off the roller coasters at Dollywood feeling slightly nauseous.


Here’s what I’ve got so far!

  1. Run second half-marathon and set a new PR. 
  2. Read 24 books.
  3. Visit another country.
  4. See another Broadway show. We have tickets to Wicked in February eeeeek!
  5. Plan second annual getaway with my college roommates.
  6. Make it all the way through the P90X Yoga DVD without dying.
  7. Learn to make homemade whole wheat bread that Cory will eat.
  8. Go above and beyond in my job.
  9. Set a monthly grocery budget and stick to it.
  10. Rescue a dog. 
  11. Plan a ski/snowboard trip.
  12. Visit a national park I haven’t been to before.
  13. Grow some freaking herbs and actually care about them. Like water them and all that.
  14. Take a last minute camping trip. Just pick up and go!
  15. Visit the zoo because it’s fun and elephants are there.
  16. Take multi-vitamins every day even though they make me gag.
  17. Buy a house.
  18. Read through the Bible with Cory.
  19. Drink green tea and like it.
  20. Bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail and make a stop at the Swamp Rabbit Café.
  21. Send birthday cards to all my family and friends because receiving actual mail is the best.
  22. Memorize a book of the Bible.
  23. Eat at Tandem Crepes and Coffeehouse.
  24. Invest in new friendships.

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