ten nuggets of newlywed wisdom


1. There is more than one right way to load the dishwasher.

2. Alone time is a real and necessary thing.

3. Sometimes it’s okay to go to bed mad. No one is actually coherent past midnight and things always look better the next day.

4. Trust that your spouse has the best intentions and isn’t trying to hurt your feelings.

5. At home and in public, be each other’s loudest cheerleaders. Strive to magnify strengths, not weaknesses.

6. Take Sunday naps on the couch together.

7. Make exercise and healthy meals a priority.

8. But still do whatever it takes to satisfy your spouse’s 8 p.m. ice cream cravings.

9. Travel and seek new adventures even if just on an overnight getaway. Make it a point to collect memories, not material things.

10. Find a way to serve the Lord by serving others together.


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