two years

Dear new bride,

Don’t listen when he tells you he doesn’t like whole wheat pasta. He really does like it he just doesn’t know it yet. And he’ll thank you when he lives forever because of all that fiber.

1267319_10201501830019551_1553872324_oDo make it a priority to read the Bible together and pray in bed at night. You’ll be amazed at how much God teaches you during these sleepy conversations about life.1377034_10201501847779995_1240917367_n

Do pretend you understand what parenting is like because you rescue a puppy that cries at 3 a.m. and throws up on the carpet and chews your shoes and is still adorable.1276660_10201501914381660_1356561247_o

Don’t raise your voice during arguments. By listening you’ll figure out the best way to make yourself heard.1274019_10201501865420436_795635401_o

Do hold hands in the car. And everywhere else for that matter.1262967_10201501892381110_881570698_o

Do book a trip to another country and then take it upon yourself to email him daily itinerary updates since you know he hates to plan.1274829_10201501956142704_1782485496_o

Don’t get irritated if he responds to your detailed messages with “cool” or “k.”1264880_10201501960982825_306973292_o

Do be honest about money and set a limit you won’t go over without consulting each other.1262696_10201501993143629_989804035_o

Do get used to having the fan on at night because he produces twice as much body heat as you do. Also get used to walking around the house wrapped in blankets when he sets the air conditioning at 68 degrees.1269295_10201501998863772_1469113155_o

Don’t think your house has to be perfect before you can practice hospitality. It’s all just a work in progress and that’s what makes homeownership so fun. 

1275038_10201595501241273_1636115148_oDo make an effort to show both of your families how much you enjoy spending time with them. Holidays will become a whirlwind but if someone has to eat two Thanksgiving dinners in one day it might as well be you.

1292932_10201595472520555_229068235_oDo be supportive of boys night out and girls night out.                                    735946_10201595461040268_1130205467_o

Don’t make him throw away old t-shirts from high school and college that somehow still hold great sentimentality. 1398573_10201595504441353_162524937_o

Do serve your local church and community together and invest in new friendships.901323_10201595488960966_1852617918_o

Do always put chocolate chips in his pancakes.1398443_10201595517561681_943014188_o

Don’t watch over his shoulder or critique when he helps with cleaning house or washing dishes or doing laundry. Trust me, he knows the difference between whites and colors.1274099_10201595468800462_451221745_o

Do be thankful when he rides his bike next to you in the rain so you have company on long training runs.1291974_10201595543322325_270338131_o

New bride, your marriage will be the most challenging and rewarding relationship of your life. The next two years of you and him being one will be full of growth and adventure because of Jesus. Remember, love is patient and love is kind. 1396923_10201595563162821_1687727610_o

Here’s to year three!


4 thoughts on “two years

  1. Hannah I love your posts – you are wise beyond your years and your love for Jesus is so very encouraging to me. Be blessed in year number three. It gets better and better as we grow closer and closer to Jesus. Happy Anniversary.

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