Adventures in Ireland: Dublin


We arrived in Ireland early Thursday morning on an overnight flight from Chicago via Atlanta. After the excitement of getting our passports stamped (!!!) and being wished a “lovely holiday” in the dreamiest of Irish accents, we made our way to the baggage carousel WHERE HOPE GOES TO DIE. Sure enough, the conveyer belt came to a stop, the lights went out and Cory’s luggage was nowhere to be seen.


So we filed a missing bag report, retreated to the airport bathrooms to reunite with our toothbrushes and then took a shuttle to pick up the rental car. It’s impossible to mentally prepare for driving on the opposite side of the car and the opposite side of the road. But Cory took to the narrow roads and twisting roundabouts like a pro as evidenced by the fact that I’m alive to tell the tale.


Our first destination was Dublin city centre. We walked through St. Stephen’s Green, wandered through the beautiful Powerscourt Centre, popped into a street cafe for lunch, toured Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells, sipped salted caramel hot chocolates at Butler’s Chocolate Cafe and visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Untitled_HDR2Dublin is a vibrant, colorful city with an abundance of flower vendors, street musicians, parks, cathedrals, restaurants, bars, museums and even castles. It’s very walkable, and we trekked a little over seven miles while exploring. And the cherry on top? The weather was sunny and gorgeous, and it stayed that way our entire time in Ireland.


When the world started to look blurry we decided to call it a day and checked into Ariel House, a darling redbrick Victorian townhouse converted into a boutique hotel, for showers and hot cups of tea and sleeeeeep.


( I packed an extra pair of Cory’s boxers, socks and a shirt in my bag, so he was able to change into clean clothes while his suitcase was still lost. Thank you, Jesus!)




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