Oh, Baby.


We’re going to be parents!

Here are 750 words on being pregnant. I’m not kidding.

1. How did you find out? 

Near the end of November 2015, I was insanely thirsty, hungry and more tired than usual. Basically all the usual PMS symptoms, but something felt different. So when I woke up on the 28th and still didn’t have my period, I decided to take a pregnancy test just to put my mind at ease.

I read the directions, take the test, set it on the ground and stand up to wash my hands. When I turn back around the result has already popped up: 3+ weeks PREGNANT.

I immediately start freaking out in the bathroom (in a good way, obviously). Shaking, crying, hopping up and down in front of the mirror and saying OMG a bajillion times.

2. How did you tell Cory? 

Two minutes later, I’m flying back into our room where I jump on the bed and throw the stick I’d just peed on at Cory’s head. Not the most creative way to surprise my baby daddy but what can I say, I’m a total Pinterest fail. It was probably a little frightening to wake up like that but once he did and comprehended the situation it was his turn to spaz and be all WHAAAT.

We had plans to hike with Cory’s family that morning and then celebrate a late Thanksgiving with my family that afternoon. Needless to say, I was high on adrenaline the entire day, power walking down the trail and then eating myself silly at my mom and dad’s house. All while blabbering about everything except babies.

I take two more (positive) tests a week later. You know, just to be sure.

3. How did you tell family? 

We shared the news with our families by handing them the first ultrasound picture in an envelope while opening gifts on Christmas Day. After the initial shock there were lots of excited screams, tears and hugs! It was such a fun, special moment.

4. What were your first symptoms? 

Nothing. Which didn’t help my feelings of disbelief and anxiety. I kept Googling “pregnant without morning sickness” because I felt so normal, still running several times a week with no major nausea or fatigue.


Around week eight, nausea hit and it hit hard. At my worst, I was vomiting multiple times a day and couldn’t even stomach water. People would tell me it gets better and I’d be like, “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS, I’M THE ONLY SICK PREGNANT WOMAN IN THE WORLD, IT’S NEVER GOING TO GET BETTER!”

Going for walks and keeping a solid layer of food in my stomach at all times helped a little, but it was a rough two months. There were several especially low points, like kneeling on the side of I-85 and throwing up while every car in Georgia drove by.

Looking back, a lot of things that happened early on make sense now. Hormonal rage over literally nothing, feeling nauseous when I didn’t eat before a 5k race on Thanksgiving (I can usually run on an empty stomach), sore boobs like WOAH, hysterically sobbing when substituting greek yogurt for butter in macaroni and cheese turned out to be the worst idea ever…

5. Are you finding out the gender? 

YES, at our 20 week appointment. I’ve had both boy and girl dreams but no real intuition. Of course, we’ll be thrilled either way!

6. Have you chosen names? 

We’ll decide on a name after the gender reveal, and then we’re keeping it a secret until the baby’s born.

7. What’s the due date?

August 10, 2016.

8. How long were you trying? 

We were actively preventing pregnancy until November and know it’s a tremendous blessing that we got pregnant right away. Honestly, I really wasn’t expecting immediate success, especially since Cory was away on business in Texas the week I thought anything could happen. We definitely don’t take it for granted. It’s all Jesus and I’m truly humbled and honored to partner with Him in bringing a life He’s created into the world!

9. Where will you deliver?

I’m currently under the care of a certified nurse-midwife practice. My hope is to labor and deliver naturally in a birth center affiliated with a local hospital system.

10. Any highlights? 

We’ve had two ultrasounds and so far those have been some of my favorite pregnancy moments. My heart explodes every time I hear the heartbeat and see our little babe wiggle! It forever blows my mind that THERE’S A TINY HUMAN GROWING INSIDE MY BODY.


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