Our Gender Reveal


We always knew we would find out the sex of our baby ahead of time. Waiting until our anatomy scan at 20 weeks was so hard! Of course it didn’t matter to us either way, we just prayed for him or her to be healthy.

About halfway through the ultrasound the technician asked if we had any guesses and we both said “girl!” She smiled and confirmed we were right, the little Olympic gymnast bouncing around on the screen was a perfect baby girl.

The day before Easter, we had both of our families over for a gender reveal. First, we had everyone take a guess and it was about 50/50 with some very confident opinions on both sides. My dad has always said it was a girl. Even when I sent him the first 9 week ultrasound picture he texted back, “she’s so beautiful!” When I asked him at the gender reveal why he was so certain, he teared up and said he just believed God wanted to give Cory a little girl. So precious!

We had bought about 50 Easter eggs and filled them with candy, except for one which held a pink marshmallow chick. Cory hid them all over the backyard and then we set the family loose. It was so fun watching them run around, opening eggs and searching for the magic one. My youngest sister finally found it and yelled, “it’s a girl!”

Then we celebrated over brunch with raspberry cream cheese rolls, fruit salad and breakfast casserole. It was such a fun, special time. We are beyond thrilled and thankful to be having a daughter!


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