Adventures in Ireland: Cliffs of Moher


The Cliffs of Moher were one of the most incredible displays of nature I’ve seen in my life and the defining experience of our Ireland trip. Pictures can’t do it justice. It really is a sight you have to see in person. We first toured the Visitors Center where we learned about the area’s history and purchased a few souvenirs. I loved how the Visitors Center and all the shops were built underground and thoughtfully designed so as not to distract from the surrounding beauty. Since it was a perfectly clear day, we spent hours hiking along the cliffs and taking in the gorgeous views. There were several people sitting on the edge, dangling their feet over a 700-foot drop to the surf down below. Craaazy! Fun fact: The land outside of the visitor zone is a privately owned farm, with cattle grazing just feet away from one of the world’s natural wonders. _DSC0044_1_DSC0073-HDR_DSC0176_DSC0223 (1)_DSC0215Untitled_HDR10_DSC0175


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